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Auld Reekie Underground & Ghost Tours - Visit the infamous South Bridge Vaults.

Visit the infamous vaults hidden under the South Bridge in Edinburgh’s Old Town. Hear tales of how the poor and unfortunate lived in these former slums. Explore these dimly lit vaults, once the haunt of criminals, body snatchers and witches alike!

Each vault has stories of crime, disease and death and lots more, with which your guide shall enlighten you with all the gory details. You will see a genuine witchcraft temple, recently used by the “Source Coven of the Blue Dragon” and you will enter their former temple, and learn why it was no longer safe for them to practise their craft in that vault.

DARE you step inside the infamous stone circle?


We offer a variety of tours into the famous South Bridge Vaults and they leave most hours of the day,

  • Original Tour (45 mins); Everyday at 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm
  • Ghost & Torture Tour (75 mins): Everyday at 6pm
  • Vaults & Graveyard Tour (90 mins): Everyday at 8pm
  • Terror Tour (90 mins): Everyday at 10pm
  • Haunted Vaults Tour (60mins): Fridays & Saturdays Only at 7pm, 9pm & 11pm

We also offer a variety of other themed and guided tours during the Festival season - just pick up a flyer at the Tron Kirk Tourist Information Desk - we're sure you'll find our intriguing and authentic tours a highlight to your trip.