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Fern Glass

Fern Glass began more than fifteen years ago from a small stained glass workshop in the family home of founding artist June Mackenzie, who originally worked with lead to create stained glass window panels.

June set out to adapt stained glass window ornamentation to the requirements of our age, creating smaller, stained glass suncatcher designs using the Tiffany method of copper-foiling and solder. These suncatchers were designed to hang in any window to provide the appearance of genuine stained glass without the permanence and impracticalities involved in traditional leaded window panels.  

These new stained glass suncatcher hangings were an instant success, and as demand for them grew, Fern Glass expanded to include a team of talented stained glass artists, craft-workers, and skilled glass cutters in order to increase productivity and satisfy the increasing world-wide consumer-base we now attract.

The imaginative and painstaking nature of our suncatcher designs adds a luxurious touch, at very affordable prices, to the ever-changing phases of interior design. By employing an old method to suit a modern time, we are certain our stained glass designs will endure long into the future.   Please also visit our main site here: FernGlass.com