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Welcome to Etch'd - Personalised Engraving on traditional wood, leather and natural material.

We were the kids who doodled on our pencil cases. The teens who carved our initials into trees. The uni students who relished scribbling marginalia into our textbooks.

If Banksy hadn’t cornered the market for marking up public spaces, well, we’d probably be rocking the protest art aesthetic.  Instead we got our hands on some proprietary etching technology and started personalising everything we could find.

And now here we are. With a shop of our very own in the heart of Edinburgh. Etching our ideas – and yours – into whatever comes our way.

We’re experimenters by nature. And we love a challenge. So bring us a design. Get something commissioned. Take your pick from something we’ve etched in-house.

 Or you can visit our main site GetEtchd.com